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in the heart of cologne.


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Meltdown Cologne is available for any type of event - from product presentation or meetups to schooling sessions. The bar atmosphere, arranged in industrial style interiour design, loosens up your event and offers a change to sterile convention halls or lackluster seminar rooms.


WhoWe Are

“Meltdown” is Cologne’s first gaming and esports bar. Several PCs and consoles are available for playing and a well-equipped bar offers a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Eight (of our twelve) large-screen TVs can be controlled individually to send video footage to every corner of the venue


Floor Plan Gallery 360° View

Entering the location you see one of our two retro corners. You can play comfortably in stylish chesterfield couches and recall the good old times on the Super Nintendo. Two large screens also enable you to play Wii U or follow the latest esports tournaments. A few steps further you´ll enter the main part of our bar (∼60m²) with our second retro corner, the bar and an elevated seating area. Besides our delicious cocktails you can enjoy the local beer "Kölsch" or several other from the bottle. The third segment (∼60m²) offers six high-end Pcs, an Xbox One and a Playstation 4. Of course you´ll find several large screens with different streams.

  • Copyright © 2016, All Rights Reserved
  • Copyright © 2016, All Rights Reserved


We offer a 160m² seating area
. Enough space to set up several areas for distinct usage.


Almost all tables & chairs can be arranged individually. 8 large-screen TVs can be controlled indiviually.


In the heart of cologne. On Kyffhäuserstraße, next to the “Ringe”, just between Barbarossaplatz and Bahnhof Süd.


Tram stops and a train station “Bahnhof Süd” are only a few minutes away. Several tram lines as well as regional trains can be reached easily.


Satisfied Customers


Available Games


Played Tournaments


Pizza's Ordered

TheTechnical Specifications


We offer twelve screens (32” - 92”) in total, eight of them can be controlled individually from up to four video sources


Twelve speakers, separated three individual zones to create different areas if necessary. Two wireless microphones available.

Power Supply

Several power jacks enable technical setups in every corner of the bar or support laptops/smartphones during the event.


Your company logo has a distinctive color? Let ceiling, panels or even the counter light up in “your” color during your event.


Two separate internet broadband connections (400/20 and 100/40) and several Wifi networks available. Cable network possible througout the whole venue.


Two separate internet connections enable Full-HD streaming live from Meltdown. Even several Full-HD streams at the same time are possible.


The Meltdown offers six highend Gaming-PCs (Alienware x51) and eight consoles from all generations (from Super Nintendo to Playstation 4).


A dedicated casting area with professional sound and video setup to meet all your requirements. Share your event/party/tournament with thousands online.



Support in planning, arrangement and setup phase.


Tech support throughout the entire event is given.


Procurement of cosplayers and guests from gaming or esports.


Individual event gimmicks (e.g. drinks specialised on your company or product).


Optional catering from chosen local restaurants.


Our well-equipped bar serves the local beer "Kölsch" as well as three craft beers directly from tap. Additionally we offer numerous bottled beers, softdrinks, longdrinks and many gaming themed cocktails and shots.



If you have other or more questions feel free to contact us any time.

There are numerous options. You can book the Meltdown just for a few hours, a whole evening (6pm - closing time) or for a full day. You can also decide if you want the bar to stay open to the public during your event (e.g. to present your new game) or book it exclusively just for a selected number of “special guests”.

This completely depends on what you want. A few hours or the full day? Is your event on a Monday or on a Saturday? Do you want the venue open to the public or prefer a closed event only for invited guests? We’ll make you an individual offer.

We don’t serve food ourselves but have worked with several local restaurants in the past to offer catering in the bar. Burger, Pizza & co can be delivered steaming hot to your table.

Theoretically it might but to this point we were able to realise every request because our sponsors are pretty laid-back. Although that’s not guaranteed at all times, we’re confident that we can always find a solution that satisfies all parties.

We have many many games and lots of tech - and if we don’t have what you want, we know where to get it! Need more than two wireless microphones? We already know who to call. A VR device? We’re on it!

Contact Us

Kyffhäuserstr. 39, 50674 Cologne, Germany

+49 221 96 02 91 84